Industrial Development

Naval & Civil Manufacturing Plant

Midlothian, Scotland

NX were employed by the client to carry out a Phase 1 ground stability risk assessment, Phase 2 geotechnical site investigation, a drill and grout specification and supervision throughout remedial drill and grout works on a former colliery. Ground conditions were complex with large shallow coal seams and nearby mine shafts had resulted in damage to existing buildings. Ground gas concentrations were also high, and a suitable ground gas risk assessment was required to establish acceptable gas protection measures.

NX’s site investigation design, monitoring and verification enabled the site to be developed with minimum risks to adjacent buildings and nearby residential housing. 

Industrial Warehousing

Alsager, Crewe

NX were employed to carry out a due diligence services comprising a ground stability risk assessment, site investigation works and ground gas verification of installed ground gas protection measures on 5no large industrial warehouses constructed in Alsager Cheshire. The site was formed upon a complex geological site with potential salt dissolution that necessitated the need for a robust foundation solution to overcome potential long term total and differential settlements.

Ground gas protection measures were inspected regularly and a verification report issued to the satisfaction of Building Control and the local planning authority.


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