Phase 1: Pre-Aquisition Desk Studies & Due Dilligence

Phase 1 Geo-Environmental Assessment & Ground Stability Risk Assessment Report (Desktop Study)

In accordance with guidance set out in Land Contamination Risk Management (LCRM – Formerly CLR11), local Planning Authorities now require planning applications to be accompanied by a Phase 1 Contamination Report or a Contamination Risk Assessment. This is in order to ensure that the land being developed is not impacted by soil, groundwater or ground gas contamination associated with previous developments. It is also used to inform geotechnical risk and any associated abnormal development costs.



Phase 1 Desk Studies – ID Manchester Innovation District
Salford City Reds Football Stadium Construction
Former Mill, Rochdale
Proposed Mereside Development, Alderley Park

A Preliminary Risk Assessment and site inspection (site walk-over) is a minimum planning requirement to enable the development of a conceptual site model of the source of contamination and pathways by which contaminants might reach vulnerable receptors. This hopefully will confirm that no risk of contamination exists.

If a potential source of contamination is identified, a Phase 2 investigation will be recommended. 

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