Civil Engineering

Pavement Design

  • Assessment of traffic information to establish design loadings
  • Highway Pavements – to Design Manual for Roads & Bridges (DMRB CD 226)
  • Pavement Foundation Design to CD 225
  • Heavy Duty & Industrial usage pavements
  • Specification of bituminous materials to BS 594987
  • Carparks/Industrial Estate Roads/Residential Roads/Trunk Roads/Local Authority Roads

Drainage Design

  • Surface water drainage – Filterdrains/Carrier drains/Kerb Systems/Swales & SUDs
  • Soakaway design
  • Foul Drainage

Design of road restraints/fencing

  • Safety Barriers and Pedestrian systems (DMRB CD 377)
  • RRRAP (Road Restraints Risk Assessment Process) Assessment (for roads >50mph)
  • Structural design of accoustic barriers

Traffic signs and roadmarkings

  • Design in line with Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD)
  • Temporary & Permanent Roadmarkings
  • Post & Foundation Design/sizings including passive equiptment

Highways design

  • Horizontal & Vertical Alignment design
  • Cut & Fill analysis & Assessment of quantities
  • Junction/access design

Developer Works

  • Section 38/106/278 Agreement Works
  • Layout/drainage/pavement/signage


  • Retaining structures
  • Approval in Principle documents (AIP)
  • Box culverts/Underpasses


Supervision of construction/assessment against design/checking & approval of materials and Technical Queries

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